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tetra4D is pleased to announce the release of 3D PDF Converter 4.1! This release is the result of almost a year of continuous development and includes several hundrered changes, including new features, new file format support, resolved issues, and enhacements.

If you are on maintenance and support, you will be entitled to this upgrade at no additional fee. It will require that you obtain a new key if you are upgrading from 3.6 or earlier. Be sure to put in the title of your license key request that you want a 4.1 key.

For more details you can read the press release here. The release notes with specific details can be found here.

Contact your partner organization for more information.

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MasterGraphics Reviews 3DPDF for 3dsMax from tetra4D

Source: MasterGraphics, Autodesk Gold Partner 

"I was given the opportunity to test out a 3D pdf output plugin for 3ds Max 2013 recently and I jumped at the chance as we’ve had a number of customers ask us if it can be done and how to do it."

3D PDF Tools in 3ds Max

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Source: Society of Manufacturing EngineersJet Engine 3D PDF

Boeing 787 program and B/E Aerospace seating products group put the 3D PDF system to use.

At the beginning of 2012, the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner program had a corporate-wide digital repository of over 500,000 3D PDF documents, which had been accessed over 3 million times. If it wasn’t already obvious, these usage numbers should send a clear message to the aerospace manufacturing community.

Boeing 787 program and B/E Aerospace 3D PDF article

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News SME Interview Steve Prast 3DPDF

Source: Manufacturing Engineering 

What does 3D PDF technology offer manufacturers today?

Manufacturers like Boeing, General Dynamics, Goodrich Aerospace, who were early-adopters of 3D PDF, immediately saw the value in the technology as a document management and visualization tool.

Leveraging 3D PDF Technology Improves Visualization of Manufacturing Processes

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Leveraging the Adobe Ecosystem with 3D PDF

Source: Chad Jackson,

What are your first thoughts when you hear the words "pdf" and "product development?" 

..."Many software providers can drop 3D models into those pdfs nowadays. But that's a pretty generic capability, right?

Well, it turns out, I couldn't be more wrong."

Leveraging the Adobe Ecosystem with 3D PDF

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3DPDF Converter Reviewed by Desktop Engineering

Source: Desktop Engineering

Product review by Kennith Wong

Most people think of Adobe Acrobat as the format for exchanging graphics-rich documents, like the cover of a magazine or a product brochure. With Tetra 4D’s plug-in 3D PDF Converter, you could be using it to exchange 3D CAD designs, along with comments and custom views.

Acrobat and 3DPDF Converter, Product Review